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Veterans / Active Duty
To Qualify for Veterans benefits:
Any member of the armed forces who was in service in time of war and is still in the service and by reason of continuous service has not as yet received a discharge is eligible for the standard Veteran's exemption.  Satisfactory evidence should be presented to the Assessor prior to October 1st.

Active Duty
One motor vehicle belonging to, leased to or held in trust for, any member of the United States Armed Forces is exempt, if garaged inside or outside the state.  The appropriate application (see link below) must be filed with the Assessor no later than the 31st day of December following the date on which property tax is due in such assessment year.

Veterans Exemption
To qualify for the basic Veteran’s exemption, a Veteran must file an Honorable Discharge (form DD-214) with the Town Clerk before October 1st and have served during an eligible war period (see link below).

Disabled Veterans
Disabled Veterans need to file a letter from the Veteran’s Administration showing rate of disability.  This is a one time filing, unless the rate of disability changes. Once the Veteran reachs 65 years of age or older, he or she will receive the maximum benefit no matter his or her disability rating.

Additional Veteran's Exemption
To apply for this exemption (see link below), you must meet certain income limits set by the state. The income limits are the same as the "Homeowners program". The filing period is February 1st through October 1st of any given year, for the exemption on that October 1st Grand List. Proof of all income for the preceding calendar year must be provided.  If you file an Income Tax Return, a copy must be provided. If you receive Social Security benefits a copy of your SSA 1099 must be provided. Veteran’s disability Income is not considered.  If you are rated 100% disabled through the Veteran’s Administration, Social Security benefits are not considered.

If you cannot provide a copy of your SSA1099, you can request this information from the Social Security Administration.

        Social Security Administration
        147 Litchfield Street
        Torrington, CT 06790

Telephone (877) 405-0486


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